The Process

4 steps to your

new designer home

Step 1 - Initial Consultation
  • We will meet you on site to discuss your brief and budget.
  • Initiate searches to establish all site restrictions including: town planning, covenants, services, soil conditions and site surveys.
  • Prepare a preliminary estimate in response to your brief.
  • Establish the feasibility of your project considering the best possible design features to suit your block, your budget and your lifestyle requirements.
  • Give you critical information on how to get your project to proceed and a realistic time frame for your project, from concept to living.
Step 2 - Having established the project feasibility:
  • Present architect initial concept and budget estimate in response to your brief.
  • Revise if necessary conceptual design and estimate.
  • Develop 1:100 plans and elevations.
  • Design your cabinets and help you select your inclusions and fittings.
  • Inspect and complete a full report of your site.
  • With our architects and in house estimators, we take responsibility to keep your project on budget.
  • Prepare real project pricing.
Step 3 - Contracts & Approvals – Once you have approved your design:
  • Select colours and settle lighting design
  • Finalise a schedule of inclusions
  • Prepare engineering documentation and a fixed price contract that reflects your requirements and includes all fees and insurances
Step 4 - Once you have your finance approval and we have building approval, we:
  • Meet you on site to discuss your building program.
  • Establish regular site meeting format.
  • Commence Construction with trouble free building process under an experienced team who keep you informed every step of the way.

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